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Netscape Comunicator4.03 Browser em português versão completa
Netscape Comunicator4.03 Browser em português versão mínima 
Internet Explorer 4.0 Browser em português da Microsoft 
WS-Ftp Para enviar e receber arquivos no protocolo FTP. 
FtpExplorer Se sua conexão cair você continua a pegar o arquivo de onde parou
Getright Programa para downloads de sites FTP ou HTTP. Se sua conexão cair você puxa o arquivo depois de onde parou - versão 3.02 em português.
Mirc Programa para IRC (chat) for windows95- versão 5.11 
PowWow Programa de chat - suporta voz 
Microsoft Chat Programa de chat onde você conversa em uma história em quadrinhos 
Active Words Programa que permite que você surfe por mundos virtuais e até criar sua própria casa neles Visite o  Brasil Virtual.
InternetPhone Chat de voz 
Netmeeting Chat de voz da Microsoft
WebCompass Para facilitar suas buscas pela web arquivando sua pesquisa - você deve se cadastrar para pegar o programa
ICQ Programa de chat onde você pode saber em tempo real se os seus amigos cadastrados estão navegando pela internet- meu número é 16803628.
Visualizador de mpg 540 kb
Pica View Visualizador de imagens 
Irfan View 32 Visualizador de imagens, inclusive gif's animadas 
WinRAR Compactar/Descompactar arquivos  
Winzip Compactar/Descompactar arquivos - versão 6.3
F-Prot Versão 2.27 
VirusScan Anti-vírus - Versão 3.1.4 
Real Player Veja clips e ouça músicas pela Internet 
VDO Live Veja clips pela Internet
Columbine Bookmark Merge Une bookmarks do Netscape e/ou favoritos do Explorer 
Tardis Acerta o relógio do seu micro enquanto você navega 
Dunce Programa para se conectar e desconectar da Internet com hora marcada
Invalid ICMP Datagram Fragments Fix Evita que seu micro trave nas paginas com scripts maliciosos
Remotely Possible Controle outro micro à distância, funciona via modem ou Internet - ótimo para dar suporte
Wingate Você só tem uma conta de acesso à Internet e um modem em um dos vários micros ligados em rede, com esse programa você conecta vários micros (que estejam na rede) à Internet, usando só uma conexão. Gratuito para 2 micros
Artzip Programa para traduzir as home pages que você estiver navegando. Pode ser usado com NETSCAPE/WORD/MIRC/ I-EXPLORER. Compilador Turbo Assembler 1.01 Linkeditor para o Turbo Assembler Rastreador de IP Criptografa - decriptografa arquivos Criador de Virus Cracker para senha da AMI Bios Cracker para senha da Award Bios Cracker para Word for Windows Vírus Vírus Vírus Vírus Vírus Script Para IRC
ROUTE ???????
LITTLE HACKER ARCHIVES Loads of Useful Hacker Utilies (FTP Site)
Wordlists Every possible password file, from Spanish words to USENET logins
Firewalls Digest Archives
TL110.ZIP ToneLoc, O melhor War Dialer
ISS13.TAR.GZ Internet Security Scanner
CRACK41.TAR.GZ Crack 4.1 Unix Password Cracker
COPS_1.04.TAR.GZ Computer Oracle and Password System
CRACKLIB25.TAR.GZ Crack Library
CRACKERJACK-1.4.TAR.GZ Crackerjack Password Cracker (UNIX) Crackerjack Password Cracker (DOS)
SATAN-1.1.1.TAR.Z The Infamous SATAN
PKCRACK.ZIP PKzip File Password Cracker
WPCRACKA.ZIP Word Perfect Password Cracker
WPCRACKB.ZIP Another Word perfect Password Cracker
NSS.TAR.Z Network Security Scanner
CBIMAN.ZIP The Complete CBI Manual By Video Vindicator
KC800.ZIP Killer Kracker V8.0
HELLHACK.LHA Amiga Scaning Utility, Finds VMBS/Carriers/Tones
MODERNZ.ZIP Rather Informative Collection Of Text Files For The H/P'er
NUTILS20.ZIP The Nowhere Utilities V2.0
READSHAD.TXT C Program That Let's You Read Shadowed Etc/Passwd BSD File
WORM.C Internet Worm Source Code
NUAA11.ZIP Network User Address scanner for Sprintnet Breaking into houses! Info on Mobile Tracking Equipment Brainwashing Techniques being used on the public Classes químicas! Bom! The Chemists Corner - Artigo #1 The Chemists Corner - Artigo #2 Fun with "Coda-Phones" Credit Carding Part I Credit Carding Part II Credit Carding Part III CrimeNet I: Breaking In CrimeNet II: More on Breaking In Electrical Delays by PrimoPyro   The Ancient Art of Cracking.   Award bios password grabber.   The ultimate in phreaking tools.   A windows Mail-Bomber.   Canadian boxer's dream tool.   A Windows BlueBeep wannabe.   An excellent hex editor (Dos). Another excellent hex editor (Windows).   A Windows wardialer.   Professor Falken's Phreak Tools..   ToneLoc Wardialer.   MCB, FLASH, FLOODBOT, LL, SUMO Win95 over SLIP/PPP connections.   Another Windows Mail-Bomber.
DeShadow.c   View Shadowed
EchoKiller.c   Ping Flooder.
Esniff.c   Ethernet Packet Sniffer.
Fingerd.c   Fingerd Trojan.
Flash3.c   The one and only.
Hose.c   Like flash only better.
Invis.c   Change your user id etc...
Ipbomb.c   Sorta like nuke only better.
Ircbnc.c   The IRC bounce attack.
Ircseq.c   Irc
Jakal.c   FireWall Scanner.
Ldt.c   Linux Libc Exploit.
ll.c   IRC Link-Looker.   Mail-Bombing script.
Marry.c   An excellent log cleaner.
MCB.c   Mass Collide Bot.
MFlash.c   The Mail Flash, Send screen bombs thru email.
nfsShell.c   Shell that provides access to the NFS file system.
Phunk.c   Write in with ease.
PingFlood.c   Another Ping Flooder.
Pop3Hack.c   Hack into Pop3 port.
Probe.c   Probe TCP ports.
Smh.c   Sendmail Hack.
SynK.c   Syn Flooder.
TCPSeqPred.c   TCP Sequence Predictor.
TelSpoof.c   Telnet Spoofer.
TlntHide.c   Hide yourself during a Telnet session.
TSUmail.c   Very fast and Anonymous mail bomber.
UDP.c   UDP port flooder.
UDPFlood.c   Another UDP port flooder (different OS).
Zap2.c   Another excellent log cleaner.   Collection of virus source codes.   The Phreakers Manual.
ASMFAQ.ZIP   The assembly language FAQ.
IPSpoof1.txt   Text on the strategies of IP Spoofing.
pbx1.txt   Text on PBX hacking.
UNXTIPS.txt   Tips to better yourself on an Unix system.
GateWays.txt   Unix gateways.
FTPBNC.txt   The FTP Bounce attack.
IPFireWL.txt   Text on IP Firewalls.
50Attcks.txt   50 attacks on from Netscape.
HTTPD.txt   The HTTPD bug : Exploited
Tcpipwk.txt   Weaknesses within the TCP/IP Protocol.
AMAIL.ZIP - A shell script to send anonymous mail.
ANSI20B.ZIP - ANSI bomb v2.0 beta
BGR-1900.ZIP - This trojan claims to trick Caller ID into showing a different phone #. Instead it calls 1-900 porno numbers without the victim knowing.
CHAOS.ZIP - A fairly shitty pager bomber.
COOKBK20.ZIP - Jolly Roger's cookbook v2.0
CONTRAB.ZIP - Append this contrab to the existing contrab. It will create two accounts. One with root access.
EGGDROP1_0N_TAR.GZ - Eggdrop Bot v1.0n
FAKECD.ZIP - A program that fools programs into thinking there is a CD present. Usefull warez tool.
HARASS.ZIP - Another Pager Bomber.
HCKBBS02.ZIP - HackBBS v0.2 - A interesting program to gain access to BBS's
KOSDICTS.ZIP - A huge dictionary file. The only problem is all entries start with a capital letter.
KOSKRACK.ZIP - A compilation of password cracking tools including the 3 meg kosdictionary.
NUTILS20.ZIP - Nowhere Man's Utilities.
OWDPORT.ZIP - Port Scanning / Bombing
PAGEIT22.ZIP - An aewsome pager bomber.
PS_800.ZIP - Checks to see who owns an 800 number.
SATAN-1_1_1_TAR.GZ - Satan - Finds security holes in a UNIX system.
SCRTPICK.ZIP - The secret of lock picking with diagrams.
SECURE.ZIP - SecuraTerm - Encrypts outgoing data from your terminal.
THC-RAHK.ZIP - Remote access BBS hacking tools. Featuring Virus to infect and hack the BBS, a Trojan Maker, a Password Cracker for RA 2.x, and a Stdout/Stdin redirecter.
TOAST.ZIP - A simple VB program that reads the .DAT file and creates a batch copy of the file. The batch file is then executed and everything on there computer is deleted while cute messages are being displayed. The program edits your WIN.INI so the batch is executed on startup if the user closed the program the first time it was run. Written by CyberToast.
VMBHACKR.ZIP - A voice mailbox hacker.
VRACK051.ZIP - Another VMB hacker.
XHU_P1.ZIP - Xenocide's Hacking Utilities.
12B9WIN.ZIP - John The Ripper v1.2 b9 for Windows - The best password cracker around. A wordlist can be used or JTR will generate combinations itself.
CYGWIN.ZIP - A required DLL file to run the Windows version of JTR
13A2DOS.ZIP - John The Ripper v1.3 a2 for DOS.
BRUTE20.ZIP - Brute v2.0 Brute force hacker for unix /etc/passwd files.
CRACK41.ZIP - Crack v4.1 Password Cracker - Requires UNIX C compiler.
CRACKOS2.ZIP - Crack v4.1f for OS/2
CYBHCK2.ZIP - UFC-Crypt - Requires UNIX C compiler.
DEPl.ZIP - Delam's Elite Password Leecher
DICTMAKE.ZIP - Dictionary Maker
DJKC95.ZIP - Disk Jockey modified Killer Cracker v9.5 - One of the fastest crackers around.
GLIDE.ZIP - GLIDE Password Recoverer - Cracks the Win95 password file
GUESS.ZIP - Another Unix password hacker w/src
HACKPASS.ZIP - A shell script to hack Unix passwords
HADES.ZIP - Hades v1.0 password cracker.
HC130.ZIP - Hellfire Cracker V1.3 - very slow but effective.
JACK114.ZIP - Cracker Jack v1.4 Dos-based password-cracking program.
JCKASS11.ZIP - JackAss v1.1
KC800.ZIP - Killer Kracker v8.0 - Requires a UNIX C compiler.
KC9_11.TGZ - Killer Cracker v9.11 Unix-based FAST password-cracking program
KCPWP95.ZIP - A zip of Killer Cracker v9.5 and PWP.
LARD.ZIP - Lard v2.0 Unix-based password cracking program.
NEWHAk20.ZIP - NewHack Dos/OS2-based word-cracking program.
NEWPW.ZIP - NewPW Unix-based password cracking program.
PCUPC201.ZIP - PC Unix Password Cracker v2.01
PWDRACE.C - Gets passwd-entries via runtime-exploits
READSHAD.C - Outputs the shadowed /etc/passwd file on some systems by doing successive getpwent's.
SCRNK03A.ZIP - ScreenSaver password Cracker
TPU.ZIP - Therions Password Utility v1.0
VMSC10.ZIP - VMS Password cracker v1.0
XIT20.ZIP - XiT v2.0 Dos-based password-cracking program.
YPHACK.ZIP - Yellow Pages password hacker.
YPX.ZIP - YPX - A utility to transfer NIS maps beyond a local network.
AMI.ZIP - CrackAmiBios AMI BIOS password cracker
AMIDECOD.ZIP - AMI BIOS Password Cracker
ANV20.ZIP - ANV CRACK v2.0 ZIP Password Recoverer
ARJB1UTG.ZIP - BreakARJ v1.0 Password-cracker for .ARJ files
AW.ZIP - Award BIOS password cracker
BREAKZIP.ZIP - Breakzip v1.0 pkzip password cracker
BRKARJ10.ZIP - BreakARJ v1.0 ARJ Password Recoverer
CLAYM10.ZIP - Claymore v1.0 - A shitty passwd cracker for windows written in VB.
DATECRAC.ZIP - Turn off the time-limited demo of most programs.
DCP31.ZIP - Dink's Crack Pack v3.1 - Cracks all the latest bbs doors/utils
DECRYPT.ZIP - DECRYPT v1.0 Word Perfect Password Recoverer
EUDPASS.ZIP - Eudora Pro/Lite Password Decoder
EXLITE2.ZIP - This program uncompresses PKLITE'ed .COM files.
FASTZIP.ZIP - Fast pkzip password cracker v1.4
FZC104.ZIP - FZC v1.04 ZIP Password Recoverer
IDCRACK.ZIP - Unlocks the games on the Quake CD
KILLCMOS.ZIP - Resets CMOS password
NOLITE.ZIP - Removes the PKLITE signiture from files.
NV19309A.ZIP - Removes annoying copy-protection from 100's of popular games.
PKCRACK.ZIP - PKcrack ZIP Password Recoverer
RAWCOPY.ZIP - Rawcopy - Removes copy protection from many games.
REMPASS26.ZIP - Rempass v2.6 shows or removes BIOS passwords.
SCRNLOACK.ZIP - Windows 3.x Screen Saver Password Recoverer
TRONV106.ZIP - Tron v1.06 - DisLite,UnLzexe,UnDiet,UnTiny files.
UCFCUP32.ZIP - CUP386 v3.2 - Unpacks DOS EXE, COM files packed via PkLite, Diet, Protect, and almoust any other.
UNP315.ZIP - UNP v3.15 - Uncompresses files compressed with DIET, EXEPACK, LZEXE, PKLITE and many other file compression utilities.
UNZIP11.ZIP - Unzip v1.1 Password Finder.
UNZIP11A.ZIP - Unzip v1.1A Password Finder.
WORD12.ZIP - Microsoft Word Unprotect V1.2
WPCRACK.ZIP - Wordperfect password finder
WPCRACKA.ZIP - WPcrack/WPuncrypt for Word Perfect 5.x
WPGP41CK.ZIP - PGPcrack - Brute-force PGP encrypted file cracker.
XOE320.ZIP - Executable File Extractor For PKLite, TinyProg, DIET, COM2EXE, Message Sticker, Ady's GLUE, and a lot more.
ZIPCRK10.ZIPp - Brute force attack on PKZIP 2.0 encryption. -source inc.
ZIPCRKPW.ZIP - Brute force hacker for PKZip files - from Russia
486DIS_C.ZIP - TC source for 486 code stream disassembler
8048DIS.ZIP - 8048/8049 Disassembler in C (with source)
ASMGENSQ.ZIP - This is a program for users of ASMGEN. It finds most of the text and some of the data in a .COM file, and creates a .SEQ file for ASMGEN to use.
ASMGEN.ZIP - This program will generate 8086/87/88 assembly code text that is compatible with the IBM Personal Computer Macro Assembler from any executable diskette file up to 65,535 bytes.
ASMGEN3.ZIP - ASMGEN v3.0 - This program will generate 8086/87/88 assembly code text that is compatible with the IBM Personal Computer Macro Assembler from any executable diskette file up to 65,535 bytes.
BUBBLE.ZIP - Bubble Chamber Dissassembler Beta Release - This program decompiles *.exe or *.com files to assembly.
DASM48.ZIP - Intel HEX disassembler for 8048 microprocessor
DASM80.ZIP - 8080 disassembler
DASM85.ZIP - Bin file dissasembler written in C (with source)
DASMZ80.ZIP - Intel hex file Z80 disassembler.
DIS86216.ZIP - Interactive Disassembler 2.12 - Attempting to unassemble anything using it requires a lot of manual work and some work can be done with same efficiency as DEBUG.
DISASTER.ZIP - Disaster Disassembler
DMPPRG20.ZIP - DUMPPROG v2.01 - Take up to 80486 codes
GWIS30.ZIP - Game Wizard 32 permits the user to enhance the features of the game as well as the speed of the game.
DODI.ZIP - Dodi VB Disassembler
HEDIT.ZIP - HEXedit32 v1.2 Hexadecimal editor for binary files.
HC.ZIP - Just a basic HEX editor - HEX v5.1
HEXCAL.ZIP - Hexcalibur v1.02 is a high quality editor designed expressly for examining, modifying, or otherwise manipulating disk files in their raw, or binary, format.
HEXED_21.ZIP - HexEdit 2.1
HEXIT098.ZIP - HexIt v0.98á - 80x25/28/43/50 textmode hexeditor.
HEXPERT.ZIP - HEXpert for Windows - allows you to view and edit data in hex, octal, binary and ASCII
HEXSHOP.ZIP - Hex Workshop v2.20 the Professional Hex Editor
HW32V210.ZIP - Hex Workshop v2.10 the Professional Hex Editor
HW32V22.ZIP - Hex Workshop v2.2 the Professional Hex Editor
HWPRKS32.ZIP - Hex Workshop v2.0 the Professional Hex Editor
ID12.ZIP - Intelligent Disassembler v1.2
IDA.ZIP - Interactive Dissassembler v2.05 - Disassembling for Intel 8080, 8085, Z 80, 8086, 80286/287, and 80386/287
PPEDEC.ZIP - PPLD V3.00á1 decompiles the PCBoard Programming Language Executables (.PPE)
PV_12.ZIP - PROVIEW is a Integrated System Analyzer and Editor
VBDIS26E.ZIP - VBDisassembler - DoDi's Discompiler for Visual Basic 2.0 and 3.0 generates the complete source files including the forms, modules and the MAK file, ready to run the program in the VB environment
WDASM17B.ZIP - Windows Disassembler
A_DIAL.ZIP - A-Dial wardialer
BDIAL63.ZIP - Blue-Dial V6.3 - A bluebox and wardialer
CARRIER.ZIP - A Program to detect CARRIER presence.
DEMON105.ZIP - Demon Dialer v1.05
DIALER.ZIP - Demon-Typer Dialer by Father Leviathan